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Types and Benefits of Sucofindo’s ISO 9001 Training for Companies

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Through Sucofindo’s ISO 9001 training, companies can ensure that their quality management system is sound and up to standard. ISO 9001 training aims to enable companies to win the market competition. Amid intense competition, the quality management system plays an essential role in companies beating the market.

Companies implementing ISO 9001 standards in the planning and implementation will be considered superior to other companies. Consumers will also have more confidence in using their products compared to products from companies that do not yet have ISO 9001 standards.

Benefits of ISO 9001

Sucofindo’s ISO 9001 training offers several valuable benefits for companies and employees. Here are some of them:

1. For Employees

Several benefits can be obtained by employees who attend ISO 9001 training. The followings are the points and a brief explanation:

a. Understand ISO 9001

Employees can understand and understand ISO 9001, which is closely related to company quality management. With this understanding, employees can implement it correctly according to procedures that have become ISO standards.

b. Understanding ISO Types

There are many types of ISO associated with companies. One of them is 9001, which is used as a standard in quality management. By participating in Sucofindo’s ISO 9001 training, employees will better understand the types of ISO, especially those closely related to the company where they work.

c. Increased Responsibility

Training on ISO 9001 will increase employee responsibility towards the company. They are an essential part of the company’s operations. So, for companies to win the competition, they will try hard to implement ISO standards according to what they get from training.

2. For Companies

Besides being suitable for employees, ISO training is also suitable for companies. So, below are the benefits:

a. Increasing Consumer Satisfaction

By participating in ISO 9001 training and certification, you have shown a real commitment to consumers to improve service quality in the products or services produced. The better the quality, the higher the customer satisfaction.

b. The process is getting shorter.

Sucofindo provides ISO 9001 training which will assist you in understanding the company internally and externally and provides a systematic approach to risk management.

That way, the effectiveness of the company’s performance can increase. The management process, which is usually long, can be trimmed to make it more effective and efficient by the standards set by ISO.

c. Easy Integration

ISO 9001 makes it easy for you to control a management system already integrated into a company’s business unit. This can help reduce the duplication of processes and costs incurred.

ISO 9001 training

ISO or International Organization for Standardization 9001 is an institution whose job is to set standards in a company’s quality management system.

This ISO 9001 training aims to ensure that the quality of the products and services produced are up to standard and fit to be traded to consumers and meet the set requirements. So, the conditions are as follows:

  • Consumer quality
  • According to regulations
  • Guided by company goals
  • Right on target

In order for a company to fulfill all these requirements and have an ISO label, it is very necessary to take part in Sucofindo’s ISO 9001 training. The discussion will focus on various matters relating to the quality management system, such as:

  • Safety standards
  • Feasibility of a product
  • Environmentally friendly product
  • Functional specifications and dimensions
  • Efficiency in production

How Long Does ISO 9001 Training Take?

The duration of Sucofindo’s ISO 9001 training for each company will be different. However, in general, the time required is:

  • For a small company with 50 employees it will take 6-8 months.
  • For a company with 500 employees it will take around 8 – 12 months.
  • For large companies with thousands of employees, it takes between 12-15 months.

This duration does not only include training on ISO 9001, but also the certification process, up to its implementation in the company. To make it easier, you can take training, consulting, and ISO certification packages at Sucofindo. Practical and guaranteed results!

Types of ISO 9001 Training

There are several types of ISO 9001 training that you need to know about. Below is an explanation of each:

1. Understanding & Implementing

Aims to provide knowledge and understanding of ISO 9001 to employees participating in the training. Employees will also have a better understanding of the concept of quality management and the interpretation of its requirements.

2. Internal Auditors

This training is specifically intended for employees who will be appointed as internal auditors. By participating in this training, employees can conduct internal audits for the company and ensure that the quality management is carried out according to standards. This simplifies the ISO certification process that will be followed by the company.

3. Lead Auditor

Employees who take part in this training will be able to manage and conduct internal audits of the quality management system. In the training, participants will be taught to create work documents and audit simulations.

4. PECB Lead Auditor

This training is to improve the lead auditor’s ability to carry out audits in accordance with ISO 9001. Employees will have the skills to manage audit activities, make appropriate communications with customers, and carry out conflict resolution according to ISO standards.

Those are more or less the types and benefits of Sucofindo’s ISO 9001 training. Get proper ISO 9001 quality management training at Sucofindo with experienced trainers in carrying out ISO audits and certification.

For more information about training services. You can read our article here. If you and your company need further information regarding our services, contact and consult about it here.

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