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RKL-RPL: Is it Necessary?

RKL-RPL: Is it Necessary?

Several documents are required in the environmental permit process, one of which is the RKL-RPL. Not everyone knows what RKL-RPL stands for. In fact, this management and monitoring activity can be beneficial for the initiator, government, and community. The implementation of sustainable RKL and RPL becomes a reference material for the evaluation and improvement of RKL.

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RKL or Environmental Management Plan is an effort to handle the impact on the environment caused by the business and/or activity plan. Meanwhile, the Environmental Monitoring Plan, hereinafter referred to as RPL, is an effort to monitor environmental components that are affected by the business and/or activity plans. This planning is mandatory in order to prevent negative impacts on the environment.

The contents of the RKL-RPL are as follows:

  1. Introduction;
  2. Environmental Management Plan;
  3. Environmental Monitoring Plan;
  4. The number and types of environmental protection and management permit required;
  5. Statement of the initiator’s commitment to implement the provisions contained in the RKL-RPL;
  6. References; and
  7. Attachment.

The procedure for the preparation must follow the guidelines listed in Attachment III of the Regulation of Minister of the Environment No. 16 of 2012 concerning Guidelines for the Preparation of Environmental Documents.

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So, you already know that this RKL-RPL is very important for your company. The preparation of an environmental management and monitoring plan can reduce the negative impact on the surrounding environment. If this plan is not implemented, the company will be penalized according to the negligence caused by the company. Make sure you know the right service to handle this.

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