9 Types of Topographic Tools and Area Mapping

Topographic mapping and regional surveys are inseparable activities in infrastructure development, urban planning and various other important projects. For this reason, various topographic and mapping tools are needed as the main weapons of surveyors.

This is important so that surveyors and mapping experts can carry out their work with high accuracy in any type of terrain. So, find out what types of equipment and technology are needed in full and in detail!

9 Types of Topographic and Regional Mapping Tools

In this world of survey and mapping, there are many types of specialized tools and technologies that play a key role in producing data efficiently and precisely. As an illustration, here are 9 examples of types of equipment topography the most commonly used:

1. Geodetic GPS Topography Tool

GPS Geodetic is one of the most sophisticated devices in the world for survey and mapping. Because, the type of GPS (Global Positioning System) it uses satellite technology to measure position with very high accuracy.

This tool is often used to measure land, fields, plantations and land area. More specifically, Geodetic GPS has an accuracy level that reaches the millimeter scale, making it a very reliable tool.

That is why this type of GPS is very commonly used by various institutions such as private companies, BUMN, and the National Land Agency (BPN) for precise land measurement purposes.

A set of tools usually consists of two main parts, namely base station and rover. Base station serves as a stationary, temporary reference pointrover is a device used to take measurements in the field.

2. Survey Tools for Measuring Signs

Next, there are measuring signs which are usually made of wood or aluminum alloy. Apart from that, this tool also has a reading scale for carrying out mapping and survey measurements.

The shape of this tool is like a measuring ruler or ruler but with a larger length, which can reach 3 to 5 meters. The scale on this sign is also very detailed, where each block represents 1 cm per unit. Apart from that, this sign has a different color per meter to make the reading process easier.

3. Land SurveyTheodolite

Theodolite is an important tool in land survey. There are two typesTheodolite, namely manual and digital. The manual type is the classic version which still requires manual calculations by the surveyor.

Because this tool does not have electronic components, measurements are carried out using trigonometry calculations carried out by surveyors. That is why,theodolite Manual is currently rarely used.

Meanwhile,Theodolite digital is the more commonly used one today. This tool has been equipped with modern technology that allows automatic calculations. Surveyors no longer need to calculate measurement results because everything has been recorded and displayed on the digital screen more accurately.

4. Land Survey ToolsWater level

Water level or also known asAutomatic Level, is a device used to measure the difference in height or elevation between two points. This tool is very important in survey topography and construction, as it helps in determining elevation differences in the project.

Way of workWater level is to use the basic principle that water always finds the same level. This tool is equipped with an optical device that allows surveyors to measure height differences between different points.

5. GPS Maps Navigation

This topographic tool is widely used by people because it is practical and its accuracy is quite good, even though Geodetic GPS is not yet accurate. GPS Maps Navigation is typically used in applications that require lower accuracy, such as vehicle navigation.

In terms of how it works, this type of GPS relies on satellite signals to determine position and provide information about location and direction. This tool is usually used for land and sea navigation purposes, as well as simple mapping.

6. Prisma Polygon

Prisma Polygon, also known as a Sitting Prism, Target Prism, or Tribrach Prism, is a tool used to measure the distance between specific points with high accuracy.

Usually, this tool is placed on a tripod or stand to determine the main point in the survey. Apart from that, there are various types of Polygon Prisms with different specifications depending on the budget and survey needs.

7. Tripod Survey Tool

Like tripods in general, a survey tripod is a supporting tool used to support something, in this case a topographic tool such as total stations, Digital Theodolite, Waterpass, Prisma Polygon, and others.

This tool has legs that can be adjusted and adjusted in height. With a survey tripod, the main survey tools can be placed stably at a certain height as needed.

8. Survey Tape (Meter)

Next there is the meter or survey tape. Even though it is simple, this measuring tool is very important in carrying out surveys, especially for construction work and land mapping because it helps surveyors measure distances quickly and easily.

Survey tape is usually made of durable materials and equipped with a clear measurement scale. By using survey tape, surveyors can measure distances with sufficient accuracy for a variety of applications.

9. Topography ToolsTopcon Total Station

Lastly is TopconTotal Station. In fact, Topcon is a leading brand that offers various types of tools to survey high quality, including total stations,theodolite, and various other devices.

Meanwhile,Total Station is one of the important instruments for mapping and surveying locations. Its main function is to carry out angle and distance measurements automatically, while storing the data via a memory chip.

Best Topographic Survey and Area Mapping Services

If you need accurate and efficient area survey and mapping services, Sucofindo is the solution. We offer a variety of the best services to meet your needs with a high level of accuracy, including:

1. Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)

Uses zero-start aircraft technology for a faster and more efficient mapping process.

2. Satellite Imagery

Using various types of satellites with high, medium and low resolution to record the earth’s surface.

3. Bathymetric Survey

Specifically for water surveys which include measuring the depth of the seabed and mapping objects in it.

4. Tidal Survey

Monitoring tides to determine chart datum and tidal correction values.

5. Morphometry Sea Base

Providing mathematical measurements of the configuration of the earth’s surface on the seabed, important for various scientific disciplines.

Apart from collecting data with complete and quality topographic tools, Sucofindo also helps to process and analyze it in depth with regional survey and mapping services to provide relevant results according to your needs. Visit the link following for more information!

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