Periodical Information

1. Information Regarding PT. SUCOFINDO (Persero)
i. Annual Report
ii. PT. SUCOFINDO (Persero) profile
iii. Company Organizational Structure
iv. Information regarding the procedures of acquiring Public Information

Miscellaneous Information

1.    Information on awards

Information that is obliged and shall be made available at any time.

1.    Company Profile
2.    Company Activities
3.    Guidelines of Good Corporate Governance

Information that is obliged and shall be made available at any time by a State Owned Enterprise.
Law Number 14 Year 2008 regarding transparency of public information, stipulates the provisions for State Owned Enterprises to provide information which shall be used for the public’s interest. PT SUCOFINDO supports this provision by providing types of public information as stipulated within article 14 of Law Number 2008 which is as follows:

  1. Name and location, purpose and objective also line of business, time of establishment, and capital, as stated in the Articles of Association.
  2. Board of Directors and Board of Commissioners
  3. Audited annual reports, financial reports, profit balance reports, and corporate social responsibility reports.
  4. Assessment by external auditors, credit appraisal institutions and other appraisal institutions.
  5. Implementations guidance for good corporate governance based on principles of transparency, accountability, responsibility, independence and appropriateness.
  6. Replacement of the corporation’s auditor accountants.
  7. Changes of the company’s fiscal year
  8. Other information required by regulation regarding State Owned Enterprises and Regional Owned Enterprises.