In accordance with Law Number 14 Year 2008 regarding Transparency of Public Information which took effect since May 1 2010, SUCOFINDO provides a facility.as a form of realizing PT. SUCOFINDOs commitment to improve company transparency, and in addition to forming a public information service within the scope of PT. SUCOFINDOs corporate affairs.

Law Number 14 year 2008 guarantees the right of every citizen to acquire public information. A Public Body, as a state administrator is obligated to provide information that is needed for citizens. What is mean by a Public Body is a state institution, whether it be the executive, legislative, or judicative, and non-governmental institutions whose budget originates from the State Budget/Regional State Budget, contributions from society domestically and/or foreign. In this case, includes NGO’s and political parties. A Public Body is entitled with the right to refuse in providing information that is an excluded in lieu of laws and regulations, and is also entitled to refuse providing public information if it is not in accordance with the provisions stipulated within laws and regulations.

The aforementioned law is hoped to achieve transparency of information as a part of the Good Governance program.

  1. Information means any description, statement, idea, and signs that contains value, meaning and message either as data, fact or their elucidation that may be seen, heard and read which is presented in various packages and formats in line with information and communication technology development electronically or non-electronically.
  2. Public Information means any information produced, stored, managed, sent and/or received by a public body in relation with governments and governance of state and/or operators and governance of other public bodies pursuant to this Law, and other information concerning public interest.
  3. Public body means executive, legislative, judicial and other institutions whose functions and main duties are related to state governance, which all or part of its funding originated from the State Budget or Regional State Budget, or non-governmental organizations provided that all or part of its funding originated from the State Budget and Regional State Budget, public donation, and/or foreign origin.
  4. Information and Documentation Management Officer means an officer responsible for storage, documentations, provision and/or service of information in a Public Body.

Implementation of Transparency of Public Information

PT SUCOFINDO (Persero) as a Public Body has established and determined the Head of the Corporate Communications which is under the Head of the Corporate Secretary Division as the Information and Documentation Management Officer.
To fulfill and serve the requests and needs of the applicant/user of public information, PT SUCOFINDO (Persero) besides from direct service is also developing a facility for the purpose of transparency of public information which may be accessed online through humas@sucofindo.co.id; correspondence may be addressed to PT. SUCOFINDOs Head of Corporate Secretary Division having its address at the 7th Floor, Jl. Raya Pasar minggu kav. 34 Jakarta Selatan 12780.