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SUCOFINDO Focuses on Using Digital Technology for TIC Services

Denpasar, 22/09 – State-owned survey company PT Superintending Company of Indonesia (Sucofindo) has focused on utilizing digital technology by using smart sensors and connected devices in a strategic program to enrich its Testing, Inspection, and Certification (TIC) services. Such a focus has been part of Sucofindo’s commitment to becoming a smart digital TIC company. The strategic program is carried out by Sucofindo in an effort to lead the testing, inspection, and certification market and to improve its role and financial performance in 2023. Speaking in the opening session of the Sucofindo National Leadership Summit (Rapimnas) in Badung District, Bali Province on Thursday, Sucofindo President Director Mas Wigrantoro Roes Setiyadi highlighted the importance of accelerating growth through corporate transformation and business integration.

According to Mas Wigrantoro,  the meeting was aimed at discussing efforts to align the company’s growth strategies and operating models, as well as the expansion of the integration of information technology and operating technology to accelerate the digital transformation process.

“We are determined to strengthen Sucofindo’s position as a digital company in Indonesia’s market of testing, inspection, and certification services which are an integral part of our customers’ supply chain,” he remarked. Mas Wigrantoro said the meeting would also provide the latest information on the company’s current condition and dynamics of TIC business environment, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic and post-pandemic era, as well as due to the anticipation of global recession risks.

In addition, Sucofindo’s National Leadership Summit also discussed the preparation of strategies and work programs for the company’s Financial and Budget Plan (RKAP) in 2023. “PT Sucofindo is committed to increasing collaboration and integration among IDSurvey members, and encouraging service innovation in the secondary (infrastructure, retail, and e-commerce) and tertiary (automotive and life science) sectors through partnerships and acquisitions,” Mas Wigrantoro said.

IDSurvey was formed in 2021 by combining three of Indonesia’s state-owned enterprises engaged in survey services with decades of experience, namely PT Biro Klasifikasi Indonesia, PT Sucofindo, and PT Surveyor Indonesia. Such a commitment is in line with the 2022 Sucofindo National Leadership Summit raising the theme “Acceleration of Growth through Corporate Transformation and Business Integration”.

“Actually, we have accelerated this growth since three years ago, and our revenue increased by around Rp2.6 trillion (US$173.1 million) in 2021. As a psychological milestone, for this year, we need to reach the Rp3 trillion (US$199.73 million) figure. We have grown, but this growth must be accelerated more,” Mas Wigrantoro stated. With regard to the Rapimnas, Assistant Deputy for Manufacturing Industry at the State-Owned Enterprises Ministry Liliek Mayasari hoped that the meeting would become the first step for Sucofindo to start formulating its targets of achievement in the future. “We hope that this Rapimnas will also create familiarity and solidity among the three survey service SOEs (collaborated in ID Survey) and we hope that this ID Survey can become the top 5 leading TIC companies in the Asia Pacific region,” Liliek Mayasari stated.

Looking at the company’s achievements during 2022, she argued that Sucofindo has been able to achieve its all strategic mappings. “What I expect from this (Sucofindo) National Leadership Summit is the strategic mapping that it will implement next year. From what I have seen so far, the company has implemented all its strategic mapping,” she said.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the 2022 National Leadership Summit of PT Sucofindo, Suprapto mentioned that the meeting would be held until September 23 and attended by 280 participants from 53 working units comprising 24 head office work units, one Laboratory SBU, and 28 branches across Indonesia. In accordance with Sucofindo’s strategy as a Digital TIC Company, Suprapto said the company strived to provide all participants with digital experiences starting from the beginning phase.

“We provide this digital experience, such as through WhatsApp messages, the Sucofindo Event application, as well as the registration process through automatic walk-in check-in, and using Radio Frequency Identification tagging technology on participant cards. These all are expected to increase the participants’ convenience in terms of administration service,” he explained.



PT SUCOFINDO is the first inspection company in Indonesia and was founded on October 22, 1956. PT SUCOFINDO is currently incorporated as a holding part of BUMN Survey Services or ID Survey. PT SUCOFINDO has Testing, Inspection, and Certification services for various industrial sectors.

SUCOFINDO’s business started with inspection and supervision services in the trade sector to assist the government in ensuring the smooth flow of goods and safeguarding the country’s foreign exchange. Then SUCOFINDO diversified its services in the fields of analytical laboratories, engineering, auditing, certification, assessment, consulting, training, and various related supporting activities, including in the areas of agriculture, forestry, oil and gas, mining, construction, processing industry, marine, fishery, transportation, new and renewable energy, and information technology.

SUCOFINDO has 80 service points spread throughout Indonesia, managed in an integrated manner and supported by experts in various fields. An extensive network of 65 laboratories provides close service to customers throughout Indonesia.


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