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Erick Thohir: Bakti BUMN Program Becomes a Breakthrough in Economic Equality and Balance

Surakarta (13/10) — Minister of State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) Erick Thohir encouraged Bakti BUMN to impact society substantially. For this reason, Erick asked Bakti BUMN, through its social and environmental responsibility program, to focus on three main sectors: education, environment, and micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs).

For Erick, Bakti BUMN must have clear benefits. Therefore, he fully appreciates the Technical Guidance (BIMTEK) activities and workshops on the impact of the social and environmental responsibility program using the Batch 2 Social Return on Investment (SROI) method organized by PT SUCOFINDO together with the Ministry of BUMN in Surakarta, Central Java, Thursday (13/10 /2022).

“This activity makes SOEs more professional, transparent, and accountable in strengthening the pillars of social, economic, and environmental development to create an advanced, prosperous and global Indonesia,” said Erick.

The Ministry of SOEs, continued Erick, consistently encourages system transformation and improvement, including social and environmental responsibility programs. Erick emphasized that Bakti BUMN must be able to become a joint breakthrough in helping equity and economic balance for all Indonesian people.

Deputy for HR, Technology and Information, Ministry of BUMN, Tedi Bharata, said this activity was in line with Erick’s direction and based on Minister of BUMN Regulation No. Per-05/MBU/04/2021, which has been updated through the Minister of BUMN Regulation No. Per- 06/MBU/09/2022 concerning measuring the impact of social and environmental responsibility programs. Tedi conveyed that the activities in batches 1 and 2 had been attended by 107 BUMN companies and BUMN subsidiaries, with more than 240 participants.

“The implementation of the SROI Bimtek activities is expected to provide knowledge to calculate the program’s impact,” said Tedi.

Tedi said the SROI Technical Guidance encouraged five transformations related to social and environmental responsibility, namely focusing on impact, secondly improving governance in the Ministry of BUMN and BUMN, thirdly using information technology, both for reporting to the Ministry of BUMN and procedures for CSR activities.

The fourth point, continued Tedi, is that this activity is a form of collaboration between SOEs, in which SUCOFINDO has the competence to provide sharing to all SOEs. Tedi said efforts to increase BUMN employees’ participation in Bakti BUMN activities were the last point in the Bakti BUMN transformation step.

SUCOFINDO President Director Mas Wigrantoro Roes Setiyadi said that the SROI method has a strategic advantage because it involves stakeholders from a program that will be analyzed to explore the various impacts felt after the program is running. According to Wigrantoro, SROI seeks to reduce inequality and environmental degradation and increase welfare by incorporating social, ecological, and economic costs and benefits.

“SUCOFINDO has been working with various state-owned and private companies to evaluate the implementation of Bakti BUMN and CSR activities since 2016. For the BUMN environment, SUCOFINDO has carried out SROI calculations at 16 points in Indonesian territory for BUMN social and environmental responsibility programs. And BUMN subsidiaries,” said Wigrantoro.

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