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Know the Benefits and How to Calibrate a Tank

Do Not Ignore Tank Calibration For Your Very High Product Standards!

You can find out the benefits of calibration, such as determining the correctness of a traditional value such as a tank. This is quite important so that the company can carry out maintenance on the tools and machines used.

Actually, there are calibrators or professional experts in dealing with things like this. However, it doesn’t hurt to learn about the benefits and how to calibrate a tank. Apart from providing knowledge, this can be used as preparation so that you are not exposed to fraud from anyone.

What is Calibration?

Calibration is an activity to determine the actual value and check and adjust accuracy through measuring instruments with national and international standards. This is important for companies to do to maintain quality from production to consumers.

In knowing the truth value, it is necessary to do what is called a comparison with a standard or benchmark. This measurement activity is essential to ensure consistent accuracy over other instruments. When the results are inconsistent, the quality of the product drops.

The Importance of Doing Periodic Calibration

The oil and gas industry is an industry that is very vulnerable and must go through various strict processes to operate. For example, the calibration of the tank is done periodically.

Because it aims to find out the amount of tank volume according to the data in the calibration volume table, the process or method of calibrating the tank properly is carried out to see the process of accurately determining the capacity in whole or in parts or in part.

Capacity can also be expressed through the liquid level or linear increments. The government has even set rules regarding this matter, and these rules are listed in PERMENDAG or Regulation of the Minister of Trade Number 67 of 2018.

PERMENDAG No. 67 of 2018 regulates measuring, weighing, measuring instruments, and equipment that must be calibrated and recalibrated. For example, TUTSIT, vertical cylinder fixed measuring tanks, and UTTP or measuring weighing equipment.

The two things we mentioned earlier include equipment that must be calibrated and recalibrated. The application of the tank calibration method for the two types must be applied accurately to determine the exact volume size so that it can be accounted.

Why does the process have to be done periodically to get accurate volume information? Because the shape of the tank will continually change. Changes can be caused by various things, some of which are expansion due to changes in operating temperature.

This can be caused by tank relocation and changes in product density which affect the expansion characteristics of the tank. Besides that, many more reasons support that you really have to take measurements regularly.

How to Calibrate an Upright Cylinder Fixed Measuring Tank

An upright cylindrical fixed measuring tank, commonly abbreviated as TUTSIT, has its tank calibration method. We will discuss them here. ISO, or the International Organization for Standardization, defines five modes, including:

  1. Strapping method
  2. Optical reference line method
  3. Optical triangulation method
  4. Internal electro-optical distance ranging method
  5. External electro-optical distance running method

Errors in making measurements can have a significant impact on the durability of the tank in the future. Apart from that, you will also lose more in terms of materials and labor because you chose the wrong service to support the smooth running of the project.

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