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Greenhouse Gas Effects and Benefits of ISO 14065 Certification

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The effect of greenhouse gases can make the air on earth more polluted. However, in modern human life, things like this are almost unavoidable, especially for human life in urban areas.

As the temperature in Jakarta is getting hotter every day, one contributing factor is that more buildings are made of glass. There are several greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, including nitrogen dioxide, carbon dioxide, freon, and methane.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Everyday human activities can cause the effect of greenhouse gases. However, since the 1950s, emissions have increased as energy has also been directly proportional. Several things cause emissions, and these are closely related to our environment.

It can be from the use of electricity, the use of motorized vehicles, and the activity of burning garbage that produces bad-smelling smoke. Methane gas is even made from food scraps. Things like this become good if items are reasonable.

What is the Impact of Greenhouse Gases

A positive impact can be received, namely by balancing the earth’s temperature. However, it doesn’t apply positively anymore when the greenhouse gas effect occurs in excess. The adverse impacts on the environment, human health, and the economy are:

1. Impact on the Environment

The environment is one of the most affected aspects when emissions are excessive. Some of these impacts include:

  • Every year the temperature increases
  • There will be less sea ice, glaciers, and snow
  • The rate of beach erosion is getting more prominent because of melting sea ice
  • The frequency of heavy rains is increasing, and significant floods can be more dangerous
  • Heatwaves are growing and can, at worst, trigger forest fires
  • Extinction of wildlife because it is difficult to adapt to high temperatures

The government’s role in suppressing various projects that are not following natural greenery should be at the forefront. If you look at the effects of greenhouse gases, in the long run, the urban community has all felt the impact on the environment.

2. Impact on Human Health

When the environment is polluted, automatically, humans who are active in that environment will also have their health disturbed. The adverse effects of emissions on humans are:

  • The risk of death can increase over time if high temperatures cause dehydration in a person. This is very vulnerable, especially for field workers
  • The diseases it causes can even get worse, for example, the threat of cancer and other severe respiratory disorders
  • Infectious diseases from water, rodents, food, etc., are increasing

The three impacts on human health above are no less dangerous than the negative impacts on the environment. The effects of excessive greenhouse gases have long been studied in school.

However, understanding the theory is not enough to be implemented in the real world. Jakarta, for example, has become a city with relatively high pollution levels.

3. Impact on the Economy

What are the impacts of greenhouse gases on the industrial economy? We summarize the adverse effects of emissions on economic conditions as follows:

  • Changing weather patterns can harm several sectors, such as tourism, agriculture, plantations, and forestry. The level of visits decreases so that income also decreases.
  • When human health is disturbed, they will try their best to raise money to get well. Some unprepared people would have a hard time in this situation.
  • Extreme weather, for example, floods, can cause damage to public facilities, such as the collapse of bridges. If the greenhouse gas effect is left unchecked, the damage can cause huge losses.

The three adverse effects above occur when emissions occur in excess. The three impacts are interconnected; when one of them is disturbed, all of them will also have problems. We can easily find the facts in the current environmental conditions.

Benefits of Companies Doing ISO 14065 Certification

What does ISO 14065 certification have to do with this? Everything in the view of law must be proven through documents. In this case, ISO 14065 certification is essential in verifying and validating environmental information.

This standard was published in 2000 and is still the basis today. Meanwhile, if you look at the 2020 document, ISO 14065 regarding the effect of greenhouse gases includes the following:

  1. The following general principles are requirements to fulfill competence
  2. Operate consistently and not impartially the verification and validation agency to assess conformity

Since its publication in 2000, the third edition containing 31 pages was published in 2020. The aim of publishing the third edition is to address climate issues and innovate in infrastructure and industry.

ISO certification can be taken care of quickly if you use professional services. For example, you can use our service to receive the results quickly without the hassle.

Sucofindo is a trusted service provider that has handled many clients in handling ISO certification. Now is the time for you to feel these benefits. As the owner of a tall building or other, avoid the effect of greenhouse gases by having the legality of ISO 14065 certification.

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