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Urgent! Types of Sucofindo Training for Companies

Improve Employee Capabilities with Training from Sucofindo

The training provided by Sucofindo is in the form of activities aimed at providing knowledge and increasing competence. In addition, exercise is also helpful in increasing employee productivity and discipline, and work ethic.

Generally, the job training conducted will be closely related to each employee’s work. There are many types of exercise from Sucofindo to choose from to facilitate the development of employee capabilities.

Training can be beneficial for both employees and companies. After attending the movement, employees who have successfully developed their skills will have more competent skills. When they grow, the company will also benefit from increased profits, and the quality of services or products will also increase.

Types of Corporate Job Training

There are various types of training aimed at employees. So, don’t you know anything yet? Here are the points and explanations:

1. Technical Training

This training will focus on tasks or jobs technically according to the position of each employee. Training Sucofindo has several practical technical trainings for employees, such as:

  • Specialized training for employees working in mineral mining.
  • Technical training in developing, organizing, and building integrated telematics in the government sector related to investment. This is suitable for those of you who work in government.
  • Technical training for planning, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation in the government sector related to investment.
  • Technical training for public service programs.
  • Technical training for implementation and monitoring of public service programs.

2. Problem-Solving Training

This training will help employees to become good problem solvers. Employees can solve problems encountered in the production process or service to consumers. Generally, employees will be given several issues and asked to find ways to solve them effectively and efficiently.

3. Developmental and Innovative Training

This training aims to develop and train employees in creating innovations that are good for company operations. In this training, employees will be taught to develop their abilities, know themselves, and learn the process of creating creative innovations.

4. Requires Regular Training

Sucofindo’s training can assist employees in increasing work productivity and building cooperation between teams. This training is carried out periodically and in stages within a certain period.

Unsurprisingly, this type of training will be carried out more frequently than other types. If you want to know or are interested in training from Sucofindo, then find out more information by clicking this link.

Training Objectives

The Sucofindo training conducted by the company has objectives that need to be achieved, namely:

1. Knowledge or Science

Employees who have attended the training are expected to gain new knowledge, which can be used to support employees in completing the tasks given. In addition, employees can also develop to be more productive, more innovative, and become good problem solvers.

2. Skills or Abilities

Not only new knowledge but employees who have attended Sucofindo training are expected to be able to improve their abilities. When given a task, they can complete it on time with satisfactory results. They can also do all tasks according to the daily job desk with innovations that can increase work productivity.

3. Attitude or attitude

Job training provided to employees also aims to develop an attitude or attitude at work. They are expected to have high interest and awareness of the work being carried out so that they know precisely what the daily job desks are that must be completed and can deliver results on time with satisfactory results.


Types of Job Training Provided by Sucofindo

Sucofindo has dedicated itself to becoming an international company in providing training to your company and employees and delivering perfect results. Well, several types of job training have been supplied by Sucofindo, including:

1. Mineral Mining TIC Technical Guidance and Training

This training will assist you in implementing regulations related to mining. The scope of the activity is in the form of dissemination material on government regulations and technical guidance in carrying out operational sales of mining products.

2. Halal Industry Training

Halal certification is not easy for food or drug companies to obtain. This training can help you understand the process of obtaining halal certification.

The training materials are in the form of basic concepts regarding product halalness, current regulations for the halal product certification process, and any requirements that need to be prepared. After the training, you can work with Sucofindo to obtain Halal certification.

3. Industrial Activity Quality Assurance Training

The scope of this training includes an understanding of auditing the quality of products and services. This understanding contains planning for product quality assurance, design review, procedure control, and engineering document control. The training also provides testing and internal auditing.

Which of the types of Sucofindo training attracted you? If something suits the company, contact Sucofindo immediately and get the best training offers for employees and the company. Take advantage of this opportunity!

For more information about training services. You can read our article here. If you and your company need further information regarding our services, contact and consult about it here.

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