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Know the Procedure and Classification of SNI Certification

It’s Time to Realize the Importance of SNI Certification Procedures for Developing Companies!

What is the procedure for SNI certification? It is a step-by-step management process to get a certificate on a product. Certificates that meet these national standards are important because they demonstrate quality.

You must be familiar with the SNI label on various goods. Starting from clothing, stationery, office supplies, and safety equipment such as helmets, glasses, hats, and much more. Usually, people will immediately think of the quality and legality.

Every product circulating in Indonesia and has this label is guaranteed safety and quality. It is common for consumers to compare one product with other products from this label before buying. And prefer products that have been labeled with SNI compared to products that have not been tagged.

What is SNI Certification?

Standar Nasional Indonesia (SNI) is a quality standard that Badan Standardisasi Nasional (BSN) only applies in Indonesia. The formulation of the standard is carried out by the Technical Committee for the Formulation of SNI.

The SNI certification procedure is carried out by the parties appointed as stakeholders. These include the government, academia, industry, and experts competent in their fields.

The stakeholders who act as Technical Committees are supported by secretariats of technical committees spread across all institutions and ministries in Indonesia, so consumers will value goods with the SNI label because of their high standards.

For entrepreneurs, if the product is included in the mandatory list and does not provide a label, it is prohibited to distribute or trade the goods in Indonesia. It is considered illegal and can be subject to sanctions due to the distribution of these goods.

While goods outside the mandatory list may still be circulated, consumers will judge their quality as below standard. However, there are still many commercial goods that have not gone through the SNI certification procedure and are still circulating in the market.

SNI Certification Procedure

The SNI certification procedure management must first meet several requirements, such as a Notary Deed, SIUP, TDP, NPWP, Brand Registration Letter, and so on. After all the document requirements are met, the next step follows.

1. Fill in the SPPT Form

SPPT SNI stands for Product Certificate Using the SNI Mark. In this SNI certification procedure, you need an attachment in the form of a legalized photocopy of the ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System certificate.

2. Verify

Sucofindo carried out verification on several points in the SNI certification procedure. The verification process is related to the scope of the audit site and the ability to understand the local language.

3. Producer Quality Management System Audit

Checking the conformity between the completeness and adequacy of the producer’s quality management system document against the application requirements. If any discrepancies are found, they will be asked to correct them within two months.

4. Sample Test

Sample testing by taking a sample of the product to be tested and labeling the test sample (LCU), then sealing. Sample testing is carried out in an accredited test laboratory.

5. Sample Assessment

After the testing process, a Test Result Certification will be issued. If the results do not meet the standards, they will be asked to repeat until they are in accordance with the provisions. If it cannot meet the standards, the application will be rejected.

6. Certification Decision

An independent team will meet to discuss the results of the audit and testing.

7. Submission of SPPT-SNI

After the panel meeting, the Sucofindo team will clarify the company or producer concerned. Classification based on completeness of legality, standard provisions, production process, and quality management system.

Classification of Certification Activities 

SNI certification procedures applied in Indonesia are carried out in 3 classifications. This separation or classification has its own standards. Refers to the type of product and competence.

  1. Management System Certification, which is a certification for the company’s management system. Examples include ISO 9001, 14001, 22000, and HACCP. Generally, for clothing, using this standard.
  2. Product Certification to products produced by the company based on certain standards. For example, SNI 1811:2007 for helmets, 3554:2015 for bottled drinking water, and 2054:2014 for reinforcing steel.
  3. Personnel Certification for personnel competence. Such as Auditors, PPC, Oil and Gas Workers, Electricians, etc.

Benefits of Having SNI Certification

From a series of standard product management procedures, it is clear what the benefits are. The following are the benefits of having quality standards obtained, especially by producers and entrepreneurs.

  1. It is a guarantee from an independent institution that a product is produced through an effective testing, control, and supervision system.
  2. Consumers are guaranteed that the product complies with the required standards.
  3. Specifically required, the label of the results of the application of the SNI certification procedure indicates that the product has complied with the safety requirements.
  4. Protect the competition of certified products that do not meet the standards.
  5. Certification labels have become a powerful marketing tool.
  6. Improve the reputation of producers, which results in market expansion.
  7. Improve efficiency through the implementation of an effective quality assurance system.

Not only a product that must meet a standard but also a person’s competence and skills. You can use the services of a third party if you need help with quality, and Sucofindo provides convenience in managing SNI certification procedures.

For more information about certification services, you can read our article here. If you and your company need further information regarding our services, contact and consult about it here.

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