Consultancy and Studies Related to Natural Resources

Consultancy and Studies Related to Natural Resources Elucidation

Consulting or study services in natural resources are professional services requiring special skills in various scientific fields with a thought process related to planning, utilization, management, and supervision of natural resources, including surveys and mapping.

PT SUCOFINDO provides this service to assist companies or agencies in data collection and storage (in the form of floppy disks, compact disks, and flash disks) as well as in data processing that is easy to develop and review if needed and revised at any time if there are changes.

The data and information obtained can also be maintained better because they can be locked with an effective code or manual and are relatively cheaper than field surveys. This service also helps display data that is generally difficult to manually display, which can be enlarged and even communicated with three-dimensional images with appropriate color variations.

Consultancy and Studies Related to Natural Resources Service Scope

PT SUCOFINDO provides consultancy services and studies related to natural resources with a scope that includes:

  • Agriculture and Plantation, which includes research and development carried out in a structured (systematic) manner related to agricultural science
  • Forestry related to business in the field of forest area use/planology in the context of preparing primary data on forest management in the area for companies outside the forestry sector
  • Mining and Energy, which consist of geodetic survey activities, cadastral, and spatial and cartographic information activities, including mapping activities
  • Tourism which includes tourism consulting activities, feasibility studies, planning, management supervision, and research in the field of tourism

In this regard, PT SUCOFINDO also provides comprehensive services in the areas of:

  • Urban Planning and Design Services
  • Regional Planning Services
  • Space Utilization Development Services

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Consultancy and Studies Related to Natural Resources

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