Head Office

  • +62-21 - 7983666
  • customer.service@sucofindo.co.id
  • Jl. Raya Pasar Minggu Kav. 34, Jakarta, Indonesia 12780

Logo Meaning


The Company’s identity consists of THREE GLOBES, symbolizing the business activities of the company with its international scope and integrating the three areas of business, namely land,sea, and air.

The dark blue color has the meaning of stability, permanence, safety, and trustworthiness, symbolizing a trustworthy and reliable business.

The light blue color gives the impression of being clean and broad, reflecting order, and the broad reach of the business.

Gradation of the blue color depicts a nuance of diversification or variation of types of business and a motion symbolizing traits of orientation towards community development and advancement.

The printed SUCOFINDO logo type uses the microgramma (aerostyle) font giving the impression of being firm, strong, broad, and stable, which invokes an image suitable to the

character of a business that continuously gives its best effort in all commitments in relation to all parties.