A Brief History of PT SUCOFINDO

PT Superintending Company of Indonesia (SUCOFINDO) was established on October 22, 1956. PT SUCOFINDO’s history began as Indonesia’s first inspection company, with share ownership by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia and SGS Geneva.

President Director from Time to Time

In December 2021, PT SUCOFINDO joined the Holding BUMN Survey Services (IDSurvey) with PT Biro Classification Indonesia (Persero) and PT Surveyor Indonesia to provide even better services.

Today, PT SUCOFINDO is engaged in inspection, testing, certification, training, and consulting services for the agriculture, forestry, mining (oil, gas, non-oil and non-gas) sectors, construction, processing industry, marine, fisheries, government, transportation, information systems, and renewable energy. PT SUCOFINDO also provides various services such as warehousing and forwarding, analytical laboratories, industrial and marine engineering, fumigation, and industrial hygiene.


Branch Offices


Service Units




Years of Establishment



The Vision & Mission of PT SUCOFINDO


To be a competitive, reliable, and trusted world-class company in inspection, testing, certification, consulting, and training.


To ensure business certainty, creating economic value for stakeholders, especially customers, shareholders, and employees, through inspection, testing, certification, consulting, and other related services.

Company Values

The Corporate Values ​​of PT SUCOFINDO refer to the SOE Values, namely AKHLAK

  1. Trust – Holding on to the trust given
  2. Competent – Continue to learn and develop capabilities
  3. Harmonious – Caring for each other and respecting differences
  4. Loyal – Dedicated and prioritizing the interests of the Nation and the State
  5. Adaptive – Continuing to innovate and be enthusiastic about moving or facing change
  6. Collaborative – Building a synergistic collaboration

Track Record

  • 1956 – 1966

    The birth of PT SUCOFINDO for Indonesia

  • 1966 – 1976

    Strategic Change Through the Spirit of Confidence

  • 1976 – 1986

    Business Development and Expansion Strategy Includes Diversification and Differentiation Activities in Facing the 21st Century

  • 1986 – 1996

    50 Years of Success as a Reflection to Reach a Brighter Future

  • 1996 – 2006

    SUCOFINDO Plays a Strategic Role in the Indonesian Economy by Participating in Increasing the Competitiveness of National Industry in Facing the Free Trade Era

  • 2006 – 2016

    Strengthening Business Advantage Growth Through Collaboration, Innovation, and Digitization

  • 2016 – Now

    Developed into a Smart Digital Testing, Inspecting, and Certification (TIC) Company



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