TJSL Unit PT Sucofindo Provides Health Socialization and Covid Kits for Supporting Employees at the Jakarta Branch

Jakarta (04/08) – To support the smooth running of operational activities at the Jakarta Branch, the health factor of Sucofindo's employees is a matter that needs to be considered. In addition to employees, there are also supporting staff who need to get socialization about health, especially during this Covid19 pandemic. 

For this reason, the PT Sucofindo TJSL Unit held health socialization for supporting staff at the Jakarta Branch as well as distributing covid kits to prevent the spread of the covid-19 virus. 

Health Socialization was given by dr. Donny M Salahuddin as the company doctor and attended by Mr. Nuri Hidayat, as Head of the TJSL Unit of PT Sucofindo and Mr. Ambar Prawidiyanto as Head of the Jakarta Branch.

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