ID Survey Visit to Sucofindo Assisted MSMEs in Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta, (12/08) – Representatives of the Board of Directors from the three Holding SOEs for Survey Services visited two MSEs fostered by PT Sucofindo. This visit was conducted to coincide with the National Working Meeting (Rakernas) of BUMN Holding Survey Services.

The fostered partners visited were MSEs engaged in the industrial sector, namely Gee Batik and Manggar Natural. The visit was attended by Mr. Bandung Pardede as Director of Finance, Administration & Risk Management of PT BKI (Persero), Mr. Budi Hartanto as Director of Finance and Risk Management of PT Sucofindo, and also Mrs. Lussy Ariani Seba as Director of Human Resources Development of PT Surveyor Indonesia.

With this visit, it is hoped that it can provide support to the fostered partners to continue to develop their business and grow the surrounding economy.

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