PT Sucofindo Surabaya Branch provides financial assistance for the Construction of Road Asphalt (Lapen) Pokmas Galis Maju in Bangkalan Madura

Bangkalan, (25/08) – PT Sucofindo Surabaya Branch provided financial assistance for Road Asphalt Development (Lapen) Pokmas Galis Maju Galis Village, Kec. Galis and Pokmas Keleyan Sejahtera Keleyan Village Kec. Socah, Bangkalan Regency. This assistance is expected to be helpful for the community by providing a sense of comfort to road users, especially during the rainy season.

The handover of assistance was given directly by Mr. Azhar Lubis as the Head of Business Support for the Surabaya Branch to Mr. Kosim the Head of Pokmas Galis Maju and to Mr. Moh. Tayyib as Chairman of the Keleyan Sejahtera Pokmas.

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