GMP+ Seminar attracts full house

Selasa, 29 Maret 2011 | 18:09

This seminar was sponsored by two certification bodies, Sucofindo and Intertek.During the VIV Asia in Bangkok (Thailand), GMP+ International organized a seminar on 10 March 2011 about the content of the GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance scheme, the practical implications and possibilities to implement it and also about the organisational structure of GMP+ International.

Consumers, producers and governments in Asia and worldwide are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of safe food and the contribution of feed safety to it.
Johan den Hartog, Managing Director of GMP+ International illustrated this by three examples.Firstly, the EU General Food Law (2002).

Secondly, the Food Safety Enhancement Act which passed the US House of Representatives December 2011.

Thirdly, last weekend the China National People's Congress (Beijing) kicked off Chinese leaders' priorities for the nation in the 11th five-year plan (2011-2015), including tackling the food safety problems.
GMP International also organized the seminar to introduce its GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance scheme to interested visitors of the exhibition.
This seminar was sponsored by two certification bodies, Sucofindo and Intertek.
About 75 exhibition visitors, mostly from Asia (China, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand) but also from other regions of the world (Europe, USA) attended this GMP+ seminar.
GMP+ structure
Johan den Hartog, GMP+ International's Managing Director, gave a presentation entitled "Opportunities for global feed safety & sustainability assurance".
He explained that the organizational structure of GMP International is very suitable to reach one, globally desired level of feed safety assurance, based on well-balanced and international multi-stakeholders' participation.
Partnership plays a crucial role for organising support, involvement and engagement of the stakeholders in the decision - making process regarding the content of the GMP+ FSA scheme.
Den Hartog explained also that the current focus on feed safety will be extended to other relevant sustainability issues to service the current GMP+ certified companies properly to comply market demands.
Scheme structure
The second presentation was given by Dik Wolters, senior policy advisor of GMP + International. He explained about the structure of the scheme.
He further highlighted a number of important substantive elements of the GMP + FSA scheme.
Company case
The third speaker was André Brand, General Manager of Provimi Vietnam. He explained, among others, what the implementation of the GMP + FSA requirements for his company means in practice.
He emphasized the importance of top management's commitment to realize feed safety assurance.
Brand further explained how Provimi has developed its system of supplier assessment and supplier control.
This system fits in with the possibilities within the GMP + FSA scheme, based on intended country notes, to assure the feed safety through the feed chain in Vietnam and to start a process of introduction of the GMP+ FSA scheme in that country.