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Kamis, 06 Desember 2018 | 22:15

Jakarta, 27 November 2018 –  Sucofindo launches its IT Security Service or software named SUCOFINDO OMNI GUARD. The launch of this service coincides with the Grand Launching of the Sucofindo Technology Unit, with services in the field of Information Technology.

Besides IT Security, the Sucofindo Technology unit also offers management services of BIG DATA, INTERNET OF THINGS, and ENTERPRISE SOLUTIONS which are packaged in a variety of business models, including the Managed Services concept.

The Grand Launching was attended by Roberto Akyuwen, Deputy Commissioner IV of Banking Supervision at the Financial Services Authority (OJK), Kim MinSoo Chief Executive Officer of LSWare – Korea and Rozainbahri Noor, Director of Human Resources of PT. SUCOFINDO (Persero).

Rozain in his remarks mentioned that, “To provide an added value for customers in lieu of Technological advancement in the 4.0 Industry era, Sucofindo presents the Sucofindo Technology Unit with SUCOFINDO OMNI GUARD being one of its software products and other Information Technology solution services”.

“With Sucofindo’s competency in the field of Inspection, Testing and Certification, it is hoped that IT Security and IT Solution products can support the management of data security and Information Technology solutions within a customer’s business process, including Inspection, Testing and Certification of Sucofindo’s customers”, said Rozain.

“Through an alignment between technology and market needs for IT Security, Sucofindo Technology is partnering with Korean company, LSWare. Which received support from the Korean government. Technologically, SUCOFINDO OMNI GUARD has been tested for reliability at the world stage and with the current collaboration, SUCOFINDO OMNI GUARD is a solution that is aligned and equipped with local wisdom, especially in the Indonesian Market”, said Rozain.

LSWare’s CEO Kim MinSoo on the occasion said that “LSWare is proud to partner with an Indonesian State Owned Enterprise, namely Sucofindo. Kim MinSoo mentioned that the background for the launch of this service is the growing ties between the Government of Indonesia and the Government of South Korea, as they both prepare for the 4.0 Industry. All industrial companies will become Software companies, which are the center of the 4.0 Industry, hence requiring good Cyber Security management.

MinSoo explained that LSware has developed a Cyber Security software for more than 14 years, with an increased amount of customers from various industries, for instance the Samsung Group, and the LG Group. With a cooperation with SUCOFINDO, it is hoped that OMNI Guard will also be widely used in Indonesia.

Roberto Akyuwen, Deputy Commissioner IV of Banking Supervision at the Financial Services Authority (OJK) in his remarks said that, the financial and banking industry are industries that are very strategic necessitating high security. Gradually digital implementation has expanded to various industrial sectors, including the financial and banking industries.

“At present, it is already a community’s need for financial transactions services which are cheap, safe, and fast and can be done anytime and anywhere including crossing regional borders”.

“To anticipate the aforementioned dynamic, banks are starting to digitalize evident through internet banking and mobile banking. Only banks are able to adapt with digitization allowing them to compete and fulfill the future needs of customers. The presence of various FinTech companies, makes the competition increasingly challenging. With the large amount of financial transactions digitally, it will increase the risk of data security, which must be managed seriously.”

Roberto appreciated the existence of Sucofindo Technology, supported with Sucofindo’s competency in the field of Quality Management Certification, it is hoped that Sucofindo will be equipped in helping to increase competitiveness in the Financial Industry.


Server security is needed because data storage must be protected from hacker attacks. OMNI GUARD is highly advantageous in a sense that its management is easy, fast response to interference, guaranteed scalability and all functions in one process. OMNI Guard can also operate without internet connectivity with simple operation ability, and efficient account management.


SUCOFINDO is the first inspection company in Indonesia. A large amount of its shares, namely 95 percent is controlled by the state whilst the remaining 5 percent by the Societe General de Surveillance Holding SA (“SGS”).

SUCOFINDO itself was established on the 22nd of October 1956

SUCOFINO’s business started from trading activities namely from farming commodities, and the ensuring of the flow of goods and safeguarding of foreign exchange in the export – import sector.

In lieu of the development of the business world. SUCOFINDO conducts creative steps and offers new innovative services based on competency. The first service business owned by SUCOFINDO is in the cargo sector.

Then through analysis and innovation studies, SUCOFINDO diversified its services so that warehousing and forwarding services, analytical laboratories, industrial and marine engineering, and fumigation and industrial hygiene services were born.

The diversity of SUCOFINDO’s services is packaged in an integrated manner, a network of laboratories, branches and service points in various cities in Indonesia, and is supported by 4.275 professionals whom are experts in their fields


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