Rabu, 31 Oktober 2018 | 17:44

(Cibitung, 26/10) In efforts to increase regional bilateral cooperation between the Republic of the Philippines and the Republic of Indonesia. Juliana Pandang, Trade Attaché of the Republic of Philippines and the Chief Executive Officer of Infoshare Management System DOST Imelda Pangan paid a visit to PT. Sucofindo’s Central Laboratory. The delegation was received by the Head of the Laboratory SBU Anwar Tahir and staff.

In his remarks, Anwar mentioned that “The Cibitung Laboratory is the largest of its kind in South East Asia, and we hope to cater to all the needs of today’s market.” He then mentioned the services that the Cibitung Laboratory has of which are, Inspection, Testing, Certification, Consultancy, and Training Services which are then further elaborated into 10 service portfolios. Anwar also ensure that Sucofindo exists to help and support the business community and a academicians in the service industry. Both, quantity and quality, fulfilment of other requirements, and to provide technical training support.

Imelda Pangga in her remarks expressed her gratitude to the Head and staff of the Cibitung Laboratory SBU for the warm welcome, and with high hopes to work together in the near future. She added that after conducting market research regarding laboratories in the South East Asian region, Sucofindo was the most prominent one to show up in her research. Because of the wide scope of testing Sucofindo has she was highly interested and as a result directly contacted Sucofindo to make an appointment for a lab tour. Juliana also added that her presence was to increase the bilateral cooperation between the Republic of the Philippines and the Republic of Indonesia, as fellow ASEAN members, and moreover as neighbors.

Furthermore, in accordance with the rundown, attendees were instructed to acquire a lab coat as a safety requirement to join the lab tour which was guided by two Senior Managers, Olivier and Gasing respectively. The attendees had the opportunity to view and learn what types of testing Sucofindo conducts. Several questions emerged from Imelda and her colleagues regarding SNI (Standar Nasional Indonesia) certification specifically, raw products/materials to fulfill the needed requirements for import/export purposes. In addition a question regarding the status quo of Sucofindo in the international market was also conveyed.

Anwar concluded by mentioning that his hopes for today’s occasion is that it would be beneficial for the Republic of the Philippines, the Republic of Indonesia, and Sucofindo. And thus “we can promote further laboratory advancements in the future to benefit both parties”. On this occasion he also mentioned that it is a must for Sucofindo to innovate. In response to a question from one of the attendees regarding the development of services in Sucofindo, he began to introduce Sucoindo’s latest laboratory services, one of which is comprised of mobile device testing. MAP/DF