Indonesia to develop downstream coal industry

Rabu, 08 Oktober 2014 | 08:57

The government will launch a program to develop downstream coal industry to increase the coal added value, an official said Mineral and coal director general R Sukhyar said the government is revising the government regulation (PP) No 23 of 2010 on downstream coal industry.

"Revision of the PP would be issued soon," Sukhyar said here on Tuesday.

Under the draft regulation of the PP No 23/2010, there will be four forms of downstream coal products.

There will be coal products with higher calorific value, coal gas, liquid coal and coal in the form of slurry used for small power plants.

Revision of the PP will be strengthened with a business regulation in the form of regulation of the energy and mineral resources (ESDM) minister that will set coal prices.

"The ministerial regulation would be issued this year," Sukhyar said.

He said the program to increase the added value of coal will need more favorable fiscal policy support.

"Without change in fiscal policy, it would be difficult for business players to invest in downstream coal industry," he said.

He said coal should be used as a basic material instead of as a source of energy.

He said if coal is processed into oil the price would be higher at around US$110 per barrels, much higher than coal price in the world market.

The program to increase the added value of coal has been regulated in the Law No. 4 of 2009 on mineral and coal mining.(*)