FRESH FRUIT BUNCH IN SEPTEMBER: Price Weakens To IDR1, 694.25/kg

Senin, 01 September 2014 | 09:02

Sales price of palm oil Fresh Fruit Bunches in September 2014 in East Kalimantan and North Kalimantan is going to decrease to IDR1, 694.25 per kilogram compared to the previous of IDR1, 765.04 per kilogram in August.The determination of palm oil fresh fruit bunches (FFB) price is based on the team meeting on Thursday (8/27/2014) particularly for the plant of more than 10 years old, Head of Agricultural Entities Agency in East Kalimantan Muhammad Yususf said the decrease of FFB price is triggered by the decrease of crude palm oil price in September which becomes the base of price determination.

“The average weighted CPO price in September of IDR8, 050.21 or decrease compared to August which reached IDR8, 152.65,” he said, Friday (8/29/2014).

As for the detail of FFB price for three years old plant is IDR1,547.59 per kilogram, 4 years old of IDR1,580.25 per kilogram, five years old of IDr1,613.31 per kilogram.

Then for the six years old of IDR1,655.02 per kilogram, 7 years old of IDR1,671.24 per kilogram, 8 years old of IDR1,711.64 per kilogram, and 9 years old of IDR1,759.90 per kilogram.

The decrease makes the trend of FFB price produced by farmers in East Kalimantan has not been better since May. Earlier, FFB price is May also decreased of IDr22.79 per kilogram from IDR1, 882.49 per kilogram to IDR1, 859.70 per kilogram.

Then in June and July each of the plant decreased to IDR1, 824.14 per kilogram and IDR1, 767.66 per kilogram. As of in August the FFB price set of IDR1, 765.04 per kilogram.

by Rachmat Subianto