ROBUSTA COFFEE: North Sumatra Stop Its Export

Jumat, 29 Agustus 2014 | 08:35

North Sumatra is no longer export Robusta coffee beans in July 2014 while along the first half of 2014 number of the commodity export continued to decrease. Based on the export realization data of agricultural and mining product from North Sumatra Industry and Trade Agency, total of Robusta Coffee bean export since January to July 2014 reached US$1.35 million or 547 ton.

It was decrease about 47.7% compared to the export number on the same period last year of about US$2.59 or 1,197 ton. The main market destinations of the commodity for this year are Greek, Malaysia, United States, and German.

Deputy Head of Specialization and Industry of Indonesia Coffee Exporter Association (AEKI) in North Sumatra Saidul Alam revealed that the main cause of the export termination is due to the increase of local consumption and the production decrease.

“In the same time, local consumption of Robusta coffee was decrease. The coffee bean is used as the raw material of Ulee Kareng instant coffee and for Indocafe instant coffee manufactory. Other cause is production decrease due to the huge number of the farmer which did over planting,” Saidul told Indonesia Business Daily, Wednesday (8/27/2014).

Furthermore, Saidul explained the Robusta farmer in North Sumatra choose to plant Arabica Coffee due it its higher price. He said that North Sumatra is not included as one of big Robusta producer in Indonesia.

by Febriany Dian Aritya Putri