North Sulawesi Provided 50 Tons Rice Seedlings

Rabu, 20 Agustus 2014 | 08:36

Provincial Government of North Sulawesi prepared 50 tons of high-yielding rice seeds this year for the farmers to increase the production and harvest.Head of North Sulawesi Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Department Johanis Penelewen revealed that the high-yielding rice seeds are the distributing from the central government through Ministry of Agriculture to entire provinces in Indonesia.

According to him, the rice seeds assistance aims to fulfill the needs of farmer in North Sulawesi which will be equally distributed to 15 districts/cities in the province.

“We try to distribute the seeds directly to the farmer,” said Johanis, Friday (8/15/2014).

He expects the high yielding rice seeds could be utilized by the farmers in North Sulawesi to trigger the rice production increase in order to support the government program, namely self-sufficiency in rice.

The central government, said Johanis, is serious in giving the assistance to those areas which become the rice production center and also to fulfill the national production achievement target.

Therefore, the budget allocation of quality high-yielding seeds is expected to motivate the farmer more in terms of trigger the paddy production increase.

“The production increase target is still sought to be fulfilled, moreover the seeds assistance will bring positive effect toward the rice production.”

by Herdiyan