Ministry Of Agriculture Expects West Java To Be Bioindustry Center

Senin, 18 Agustus 2014 | 10:49

Center for Biotechnology and Genetic Resources at Ministry of Agriculture expects West Java Province to be a center of Bioindustry in 2015. Head of the Center for Biotechnology and Genetic Resources Karden Mulya said the effort to turn the province with agriculture households of around 3,058,612 households into bioindustry is conducted by increasing farmer’s adoption on agricultural technology.

“Therefore, local government should actively inform farmer through counselor. Thus, the number of farmers who adopt the technology will increase,” he told reporters on Tuesday (8/12/2014).

The problem is the number of farmers who adopt this technological innovation is still low. In fact, the Center for Biotechnology has produced 400 innovative technologies for agricultural advancement.

One of the findings is Sustainable Food House area that has been developed in a number of districts/cities.

In addition, it also has jajar legowo rice cropping system which is an innovation in increasing rice production. Through this system, farmers can harvest their crop in three months.

by Herdi Ardia