Export Performance Of Coffee May Rise In Second Half

Kamis, 07 Agustus 2014 | 07:58

Indonesian Coffee Exporters Association (GAEKI) is optimistic that coffee export would increase in the second half of this year spurred by coffee harvest period throughout June-August 2014.Chairman of GAEKI Hutama Sugandhi explained that although the volume may decline by around 10%-15% due to weather condition, it will be covered by the increase of world coffee prices due to the lack of supply from Brazil and other coffee producer countries.

“With the quite high prices, the contribution of coffee export to foreign exchange would be still the same as last year of around US$1.5 billion,” he said, Tuesday (8/5/2014).

The similar opinion was conveyed by Chairman of Indonesian Coffee Exporters Association Irfan Anwar. According to him, the coffee harvest period would emerge in the second half yet the production may fall up to 10% until end of this year. “The weather condition hampers production.”

However, the coffee export value in rupiah still has the potential to grow in line with the strengthening of rupiah exchange rate. In addition, the increasing global demand may also boost the world coffee prices.

by Nenden Sekar Arum
source http://business.bisnis.com