Seven Priority Industry Projects Delayed

Selasa, 22 Juli 2014 | 07:23

About seven priority industry projects of Ministry Of Industry is delayed or not implemented during the United Indonesian Cabinet (KIB) II.Those seven projects are revitalization and the boosting the chemical industry base, the revitalization and growth of seafood industry and fisheries, and the spread and increase in small and medium industries (SMEs).

There are also facilitation and the implementation of mandatory SNI for industries project and development of industrial area in Morowali District (Central Sulawesi) and Kuala Tanjung (North Sumatra).

Other delayed projects are the development of special economic zone (KEK), in Palu and Bitung, as well as the operation of palm oil operation center in Sei Mangkei (North Sumatra) and National Rattan Innovation center in Palu.

Minister of Industry M.S. Hidayat said there are still many delayed priority programs due to the internal and external problem. The external program is such as the slow procedure and bureaucracy.

Lack of coordination between Ministry of Industry and other related Ministries is also one of them.

“The term of service is going to be over. However, there are still delayed problem which could be due to postponed new regulation and many more,” he said Monday (7/21/2014).

by Riendy Astria