Fisheries Export May Reach US$5 Billion This Year

Kamis, 17 Juli 2014 | 08:11

Ministry of Maritime and Fisheries Affairs (KKP) is preparing plans to strengthen the national fisheries industry.In 2012, the Ministry recorded that Indonesia’s fisheries reached US$3.58 billion and rose to US$4.16 billion in 2013. This year, Indonesia’s export value may reach US$5 billion.

Secretary General of KKP Sjarief Widjaja said the increasing of world fisheries market demand which may reach 15% per year has brought more expansion opportunity to this product.

On the other side, he said, domestic fisheries consumption that reaches 38 kg/capita/year also requires great attention. The national fisheries industry has actually made its growth in domestic market only.

However, there are still several obstructions in this sector including non competent fisheries logistics.

Thereby, the Ministry is now focusing to work on the national fisheries logistics system (SLIN) which could soon be applied.

In this case, KKP has cooperated with PT Pelayaran Nasional Indoensia (Pelni) for ship utilization which will be equipped with refrigerated containers.

by Arys Aditya