Malang Could Maintain 65,000 Tons Rice Surplus Per Year

Jumat, 13 Juni 2014 | 09:25

District Government of Malang claimed they could press the transition ration of moiré to dry soil only of 3.5%-4% per year to maintain the food resilience.

Malang Administration Secretary Abdul Malik said the low land transition rate makes Malang become one of granary in East Java.

“Malang Regency is one of six food source areas in East Java. Every years Malang could produce as much as 65,000 tons of rice surplus, meanwhile it can produce 75,000 tons of the entire commodity surplus,” said Abdul Malik, Tuesday (6/10/2014).

District Government of Malang has strictly prohibited the utilization of mil for investment. The investor could only utilize dry land.

To maintain the food supply, District Government has widening the irrigation network to multiply the harvest every year. Thus food supply potency could be well maintained.

by M. Sofi'i