Kamis, 12 Juni 2014 | 09:32

The Government of Indonesia has implemented a Protective Quota Scheme to prevent a rise of Wheat Flour imports. This scheme is detailed in a Decree of the Minister of Trade Number:-23/M-DAG/PER/4/2014 dated 28 April 2014.Under the Decree a Protective Quota of 441,141 tons has been set which must be fully utilised by 04 December 2014. The quota has been distributed as follows:-

a. Turkey's quota cap is 251,450 tons;
b. Sri Lanka's quota cap is 136,754 tons;
c. Ukraine's quota cap is 22,057 tons; and
d. Other countries’ quota cap is 30,880 tons. (34 countries listed in Attachment 1 to the Decree)

The quota applies to all wheat flour shipped to Indonesia on or after 04 May 2014 as proved by the Bill of Lading.

The quota will be administered by the government surveyor KSO Sucofindo-Surveyor Indonesia. Each Verification Order (VO) issued by KSO will be valid for a period of 40 days. If the VO is not fully utilised then the balance will be forfeited. No partial shipments against a single VO will be allowed. A Certificate of Origin is required to be shown to the appointed third party surveyor before the goods are shipped. The goods must be inspected in and shipped from the Country of Origin.

SGS has been appointed as the third party surveyor to inspect all wheat flour exports to Indonesia from Turkey and the 34 other countries listed in the Decree with the exception of Ukraine and Sri Lanka. Any inquiries concerning the procedure should be addressed to Mr Munti Yarso in Indonesia (munti.yarso@sgs.com) or in the case of Turkey, Mr Gamze Dulge (gamze.dulge@sgs.com)