South Sumatra Books 2% Lower Prices Of CPO And TBS

Rabu, 28 Mei 2014 | 10:36

The palm oil prices in South Sumatra declined by 2% in the second period of May 2014 compared to the first period of May 2014.Based on the data as reported by Plantation Service of South Sumatra, the decline was made by fresh fruit bunch (TBS) or crude palm oil (CPO).

Meanwhile, the average price of CPO in the second period of May 2014 was at IDR8,442.43 per kilogram or fell by IDR220 from the previous period at IDR8,662.66 per kilogram.

As for TBS prices of the 10th-20th year fell to IDR1,853.12 per kilogram from IDR1,893.16 per kilogram in the previous period.

The Plantation Service of South Sumatra will return to set the prices for the first period in June 2014 with the related stakeholders on Tuesday (6/10/2014).

by Dinda Wulandari