Gov’t Urged Not To Rely On Food Import

Jumat, 16 Mei 2014 | 08:37

The West Java government urged the central government not to rely on food import which has always been made. Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar said in order to build national food endurance, the government does not need to rely on import as main strategy.

Deddy said the import should be made as final solution to cover food necessity according to the mandate as contained in Law No.18 of 2012 concerning food.

“What happens now is that the country seems to continuously import food that leads to new problem,” said Deddy to Bisnis Indonesia after opening food endurance board regional assembly 2014 at Horison Hotel Bandung, Thursday (5/8).

He took as an example the cow meat commodity importation from Australia which has been previously questioned for the halal.

According to him, several sellers had refused to sell import meat since the supply is still available.

After reducing the import opportunity, next action to make is building food reserve for each strategic commodity.

He said currently it is only rice commodity which gets attention in building food reserve.

 “In truth, we need food reserve for other commodities such as chili, onion, potato, soybean, and mear,” said Deddy.

by Adi Ginanjar Maulana