Fish Processing Producer To Penetrate Jakarta Market

Rabu, 14 Mei 2014 | 10:53

Fish canning company PT Sinar Pure Foods International is targeting to increase market share in domestic canned fishIvonne S Peleh, Quality Assurance Manager of Sinar Pure, said at least 99% of tuna and skipjack products are exported to foreign countries, while the rest is for domestic market.

 “The domestic market is available in North Sulawesi and Surabaya. We are eyeing on Jakarta since it has a big market,” he said in Bitung, Tuesday (5/13).

Sinar Pure Foods International has a production capacity of 50-70 tons per day. The company continues to export more than 50 containers each month through Bitung Port.

In detail, he added, the export to Europe reached 49%, Middle East (25%), US (15%), Australia (5%), and Japan (5%).

 “There are a lot of labels for the exported fish in accordance with the order from each country. We are only producing it.”

For domestic market, Ivonne said the company sets up a product that is tailored to Indonesian cuisine taste.

Generally, the tuna and skipjack products marketed in the country have been seasoned, but the storage duration for these products can last up to 2 years.

by Thomas Mola