Sustainable Practice Required For CPO Industry

Kamis, 08 Mei 2014 | 10:06

The palm business players considered that it is time for crude palm oil (CPO) industry to conduct sustainable plantation practice in view that the commodity has become one of important contributors in the development of green economy both in national and regional levels. Based on the Oil World data in 2012, the palm oil productivity in Indonesia reached 4.17 tons/ha/year, or way above the production of canola oil at 0.75 tons/ha/year and soybean oil at 0.4 tons/ha/year.

In truth, soybean takes an area of 41% from total land area of plantation around the world at 253.92 million ha, while canola spends only 13%.

“Through sustainable management, the palm plantation in Indonesia could produce foreign exchange in huge number with the involvement of many workforces,” said Franky Oesman Widjaja, CEO of Golden Agri resources Ltd., in Forests Asia Summit 2014, Monday (5/5).

Up to this moment, the crude palm oil supplies almost 30% from world’s total demand of vegetable oil with the plantation broad of only 5% from the entire plantation of vegetable oil producers.

From the productivity, he said, crude palm oil is the leading plantation product considering the entire land area of palm plantation which is way under the area of other vegetable oils producers.

by Arys Aditya