Rice Price Lowers Due To Harvest

Senin, 05 Mei 2014 | 10:41

The economy of farmers are falling apart. It has been reported that, on Wednesday (30/4/2014) the prices of rice grown by farmers had decreased over IDR10.000/sack (1 sack is equal to 50kg)This case, one of them, happened in the Sigi Region, Central Sulawesi. Prices of rice had decreased more the time when the area had not yet entered the rice harvest season.

Mulyono, a farmer in Palolo, Sigi Region, said that although the rice harvest season would go on July 2014, the prices of rice had decreased although not significant. The best quality of rice, before were IDR360.000 per sack (1 sack equals 50kg), now costs a less IDR10.000, as cited by Antara, Wednesday (30/04/2014).

The same thing is also explained by Ruben, one of the owners of the rice mill in Palolo. He said that the rice would mostly be sold to a few markets at Palu.

According to him, it hasn't been challenges to take the harvest product to the markets because of easy transport.

The Sigi region had been known to be one of the pillars that'll supply rice for Central Sulawesi other than the Donggala region, Parigi Moutong region, the Marowali region and Banggai region.

The rice in the area appears to be sufficient for the people around them that it has been reported that no foreign rice imported abroad entered the area.

Meanwhile, prices of rice sold in the Palu markets start from IDR7.500,00 - IDR8.000,00/kg, while premium quality rice average over IDR9.000,00-IDR10.000,00/kg

Sellers at the Masoba market, the Bambaru market, and the Manoda Palu market explains that the rice stockpile in the market is enough and price are stable.

by M. Sarwani
source http://business.bisnis.com