Indonesia Records Chili Surplus For April Period

Selasa, 22 April 2014 | 11:05

The government announced national chili stock for April 2014 had a surplus of about 24,500 tons.Based on need and availability of data prognosis received by Bisnis,  Directorate of Horticulture at Ministry of Agriculture reported that chili need is estimated at 71,400 tons, while the availability of goods on the market some 95 900 tons.

For the next month, the stock market will dip slightly, which is about 15,200 tons, due to the decreased availability to around 86,100 tons.

The prognosis also said that the chili price until the beginning of April 2014 experienced a slight rise compared with last month, which was over IDR10,000 at the producer level and in the range of less than IDR20,000 on the market.

by Nenden Sekar Arum