Agriculture Earns Most Rapid Export Growth

Rabu, 02 April 2014 | 09:53

The agriculture product becomes the only sector with an increase on export in February 2014. Statistics Indonesia (BPS) recorded that the agriculture product export rose by 5.58%, whereas the industrial and mining products dropped by 0.44% and 24.50%, each.

“In view of the contribution to the entire export, the industrial product export is still dominating with 66.10%, while the agriculture product made 2.88% and mining product reached 13.25%. As for the oil and gas export, it contributed of 17.77%,” said BPS Head Suryamin, Tuesday (4/1).

From the volume, the export in February was 12% lower than the previous month due to the volume declining of non oil and gas export at 13.05%.

Meanwhile, the oil and gas export volume increased by 2.85% compared to the previous month. When it compared to February 2013, the total export volume dropped by 19.69%.

Cumulatively, the export volume also fell by 15.63% compared to the period in January-February 2013, due to the non oil and gas export declining of 16.33%. As for the oil and gas export, it fell by 5.33%.

by Wike Dita Herlinda