Tire Production Slightly Increases

Kamis, 27 Maret 2014 | 08:29

The total tire production for four-wheel vehicles in domestic along the period January-February 2014 slightly grew by 3% from the production made in the same period of 2013.The percentage is equal to the production realization increase of 241,982 units.

The Indonesian Tire Companies Association (APBI) recorded that the total tire production reached 8,377,440 units in the first 2 months of this year and reached 8,135,458 units in last year. The two achievements were contributed from passenger car radial (PCR) and bias tires.

The volume of PCR tire production in January and February 2014 was at 6,783,988 units or grew by 4.9% than last year’s production of 6,469,281 units.

For the same period, the bias tire production shrank by 4.4% to 1,593,452 units from 1,666,177 units in January-February 2013.

by Dini Hariyanti 
source http://business.bisnis.com