West Java To Have New Hydro Power Plants

Rabu, 26 Maret 2014 | 10:59

West Java Provincial Government is having three new hydropower plants (PLTA) that will be used to meet the electricity demand in the Java and Bali network. The total capacity of under developing three hydropower plants has reached 1197 MW. According to PT Indonesia Power General Manager Saguling Generation Business Unit Del Eviandro said PLN is currently developing three hydropowernamely Uppercisokan hydropower, Jatigede hydropower and hydropower Rajamandala.

“The capacity of Upper Cisokan PLTA reaches 1040 MW, PLTA Jatigede 110 MW while PLTA Rajamandala capacity reaches 47 MW,” he said as cited from Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry website, Tuesday (3/25).

He said currently West Java has 3 large scale hydropower plants that utilize water from the Citarum River, PLTA Saguling with capacity of 700 MW, PLTA Cirata of 1,000 MW, and 180 MW capacity of PLTA Jatiluhur.

“Those three power plants could save fuel consumption equivalent to 1.3 million tons / year or equivalent of IDR15 trillion,” he said.

However, he said he operating reliability of three large hydropower plants is slightly disturbed by the increasingly polluted water of Citarum River. 

He admitted the company is always doing reservoir water research and quality monitoring as well as measurement of sedimentation in reservoirs. Based on data, it showed every year Citarum water quality has decreased.

“Many industries near Citarum River throw their waste into the river. As a result, the quality of river water is getting worse and will make corrode engine plants experiencing and rusting. Cooling generator is not running well and PLTA had to stop operating,” he said.

Hydropower plant is one of the environmentally friendly power plants. Until now, PLN is constantly developing power plants that are environmentally friendly. Such as geothermal power plant that will soon be built in Patuh and Tangkuban Perahu. (T08)

by M Taufiqur Rahman
source http://business.bisnis.com