Numerous Obstacles On SNI Implementation

Jumat, 21 Maret 2014 | 09:46

Entrepreneurs worry about the difficult implementation of SNI (Indonesian National Standard) due to numerous obstacles such as minimum availability of expert, and inappropriate laboratory, whereas Asean free market 2015 is approaching.

Business sector wants the government to soon formulate and prepares the right policy such as implementation of SNI as reference for basic industry, energy, natural resources, mineral resources, and agriculture sector.

Besides, it must be encouraged with science and technology and urges SNI’s role as an instrument to improve competitiveness so that Indonesia will be more prepared in global competition.

Head of Indonesian Chamber of Commerce, Suryo Bambang Sulisto, said SNI can protect local products from the inflow of imported non standardized products. Otherwise, this will threaten the nation.

“The Chamber realizes it is not easy to oblige SNI implementation, but there are still numerous obstacles in the implementation process,” he said in a seminar by Kadin-BSN in Jakarta, Thursday (3/20).

He argued some of the obstacles are fundamental problems such as lack of checking facility, calibration of checking tools and production equipment, and entrepreneurs’ low awareness.

Another one is minimum amount of skilled human resource. “We should overcome it soon, we need skilled people urgently,” he said.

Moreover, he opined there are other problems such as high cost of certification checking and the limited checking place.

Also, people’s low awareness about health, safety and environmental aspects of a product is difficult to solve.

“Our people prioritize cheap products with low quality rather than tested products,” he said.

No Other Choice

However, Indonesia does not have any choice other than implementing SNI widely for industrial products given that in late 2015, Asean Economic Community will prevail.

“Without any standardization, Indonesian products will not be able to compete or even get accepted in the market. Shortly, demand from consumers will be fulfilled by products from Asean countries,” he said.

Minister of Industry, MS Hidayat, said obligatory SNI has been implemented in certain products. The ministry had implemented SNI on 400 products in 2013.

More than 100 products have been proposed to World Trade Organization to be ratified according to the international law.

He said almost all certified industrial products are proposed by industrial association. “ More than 100 SNI certified products have been proposed to WTO,” he said.

The Minskter admitted notification process from WTO needs quite a long time. Hence the government is now still expecting ratification process from the international organization.

“Some have been proposed. It takes a long time for SNI process since there must be ratification from WTO. Yet, it can be implemented once it has been proposed to the organization,” he said.

by Muhammad Khamdi, Intan Permatasari