Government Proposed To Reject Tobacco Ratification

Jumat, 07 Maret 2014 | 10:24

The Government is recommended to reject the standardization of kretek clove cigarette recipe formula that requires the nicotine level at 4%-5% to conform to the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC).The proposition being presented by the Secretary General of Indonesian Kretek Study, Zamhuri, in a Tobacco Ratification discussion by Anshor Youth Movement in Central Java, as the act deemed to potentially open the floodgate of foreign white cigarettes to Indonesia.

“The substance of FCTC is actually not based on health ground, but a business competition of nicotine and pharmaceutical industry. When that happen, imported tobacco will flood the domestic market and threaten the production of local areas Temanggung, Kedu, Tegal, etc” he said, Thursday (3/6/2014).

Professor of Economy at Diponegoro University of Semarang, Purbayu Budi Santoso hopes there will be no assets overtake of domestic tobacco industry by foreign investors.

"Ïf the ratification being passed, I am worried that tobacco will be just be another industry joining list of commodities under foreign control, such as mining and minerals,” he affirms. 

He hopes for the government to conduct reassessment of the matter before deciding whether to sign the FCTC ratification. “Don’t let discreet foreign hegemony to take over.”

Data from Trade and Industry Body of Central Java on Agro Industry recorded 2.000 small to medium tobacco enterprises during the last 6 years. 

Other than the country’s accession to the FCTC ratification, the decline in the number of tobacco small to medium enterprises also due to high Excise and Duty.

by Pramuji Trinastiti