Bali Rice Production Up With Land Increase

Kamis, 06 Maret 2014 | 08:57

Rice production in Bali slightly up by 1.91% compared to the previous year during 2013 after a land increase earlier in the year.

According to the government agency Statistics Indonesia (BPS) Bali chapter, the provisional figure for 2013 recorded a slight increase of Rice production by 1.91% to 16.562 tons gkg (grain measurement).

In detail, production from the first planting season (subround) from January to April rose by1.32% or 3,789 tons gkg, the second season from May to August rose to 2,450 tons or 0.92%.

A further increase on the third season from September to December by 10,323 tons gkg or 3.29%. All compared to subsequent subrounds in 2012.

Head of Bali BPS Panusunan Siregar said the figure is due to land increase by 3.355 hectares, from the previous acreage of 19.669 hectares to 23.024 hectares of paddy fields.

"That means there is an increase in acreage of 17.06% which resulted in an increase in rice harvesting area to 355 hectares or 0.72% on subround I," he said, Wednesday (03/05/2014).

In contrast, corn and soybean production decreased due to bad weather and lack of government subsidy.

With less promising soybean price and declining supply of Superior Seeds Direct Assistance program (BLBU) from central and local government, the soybean production is predicted to decline.

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