Legalization On Civet Coffee Constrains Producers’ Marketing Effort

Senin, 10 Februari 2014 | 09:48

Manufacturers of Luwak Coffee or Civet Coffee in West Java assessing demand is likely to increase , but they are constrained by the technical terms for marketing .Head of Production of PT Anugrah Agrotekindo Asep Dikdik Makmur revealed in 2013 that it was able to produce about 500 kg of civet coffee in the harvest season.

"This production increase from 2012 which is only 300 kg in the harvest season," he told Bisnis on Sunday (2/9).

He said the export market which requires a lot of civet coffee supply is South Korea. However, the legality of which has not been obtained by the manufacturers as a barrier to the coffee marketing.

"So this needs serious attention from the government to encourage more businesses civet coffee that can help farmers’ access to markets."

In addition, the issue of animal cruelty is still a big influence which is troublesome the marketing, especially for export market. Dikdik said the issue of animal cruelty has turned down civet coffee exports since two years ago.

He said he believes the issue revolved for competition or unfair price thereby it is affecting the quality of the global-well-known commodity.

Association of Indonesian Coffee Exporters (AEKI) West Java targets civet coffee production this year in the region will reach 24 tons.

Vice Chairman of AEKI West Java Iyus Surpriatna said the quality of civet coffee in the West Java is better than other regions since the type is Java Preanger.

"During this time, civet coffee supply is exported for several countries, such as South Korea, Europe, and beyond," he said.

The AEKI is also asked the government to claim to the patent in order to protect civet coffee by other countries such as the Philippines and Vietnam.

 He explained lunge Vietnam and the Philippines in managing civet coffee is already happening for a long time, so they are always slam their prices in the international market.

"The price of civet coffee powder can reach up to IDR1,000,000 -IDR900.000 per kg, while the price of raw civet coffee is around IDR200,000 per kg. However, this price could be slammed by both producing countries ," he said.

Iyus explained civet coffee is believed to have benefit to neutralize the stomach, helps cure the symptoms of liver cancer, and so on.

"Some people are allergic to coffee for patients with ulcer or gastritis. However, the civet coffee is the good medicine for those patients."

 In addition, it also suggested the government to supervise and provide guidance to civet coffee’s farmers.

 The processing needs guidance and supervision so that they can produce the best grade civet coffee," he said.

by JIBI, Hadijah Alaydrus