Import Plan On Consumption Salt Rejected

Kamis, 06 Februari 2014 | 09:16

Ministry of Maritime and Fisheries Affairs (KKP) firmly rejected the opening of consumption salt import although the land areas in more than 20 regencies/cities in Indonesia are damaged due to the flood.

KKP also predicted the national consumption of salt supply is still sufficient and manage to survive up to May 2014, or towards the harvest period in June or July. However, up to this moment the ministry has not obtained definite data on the amount of national salt supply after the natural disaster.

“In the calculation, out salt supply is still secure. Last year, the amount was at 521,328 tons while this month’s demand is made at 125,000 tons. We have still adequate supply,” said KKP Secretary General Sjarief Widjaja to Bisnis Indonesia, Wednesday (2/5).

Regarding the salt storage warehouse in Indramayu and Pati which were reportedly surged by flood, he assured that the existing supply in the warehouse is still secure from flood. Other than maintaining the surplus of consumption salt, he said, the ministry will also strive to meet salt demand for national industry.

Previously, Director General of Maritime, Coast, and Small Islands (KP3K) of KKP Sudirman Saad assertively said that there is no change of policy to import consumption salt.

“We have not made policy change for import. There is still no import to make, even when the flood surges,” he said to Bisnis Indonesia. Up to this moment, the ministry is still focusing to support the salt farmers who have loss due to land damage.

by Arys Aditya, Renat Sofie Andriani