West Sumatra Imports Australia Cows For Local Needs

Jumat, 17 Januari 2014 | 14:58

The provincial government of West Sumatra plans to import 60,000 cows this year, in collaboration with PT Berdikari to supply the need of veterinary room of slaughter (RPH) in West Sumatra that reaches about 2,000 cows per month. “The province should be ready with 2,000 cows every months due to the very high RPH demand,” said Head of Livestock Service in West Sumatra Erinaldi to Bisnis Indonesia, Wednesday (1/15).

He said the meat consumption from West Sumatra does not only meet the need of the local society but also the need of the neighboring provinces such as Riau and Jambi.

“The production amount and West Sumatra people need has long been surplus, yet we could not limit the trade in the society. West Sumatra also supplies the cows to Riau, Jambi, to Aceh. That is why we need import to maintain the supply,” he said.

Further he said PT Berdikari has signed the cooperation with cow raisers association as the cows place before being imported. The cows are placed in the community’s livestock centers at Agam, tanah datar, and Lima Puluh Kota Regencies.

Currently, the cows production in West Sumatra reaches 23,000 tons per year while the household need reaches about 13,000 tons per year. “It is not including the hotels and restaurants demand which is quite high in West Sumatra,” he said.

Meanwhile, the cows production growth reaches about 4% every year. The provincial government of West Sumatra is routine to help 300 groups of farmers every year to boost the production of local cow meat.

by Renat Sofie Andriani
source http://business.bisnis.com