Indonesia Explores Poultry Export To Japan

Rabu, 15 Januari 2014 | 14:38

Indonesia potentially exports processed chicken products to Japan after the opportunity to export such commodity opens up after it ceased in 2000 due to avian influenza epidemic.This opportunity opened after the two governments – Ministry of Agriculture met Japanese delegations represented by Embassy of Japan and for Indonesia Ushio Shigeru and Attache of Agriculture, Food and Agro-Industry Kazuko Takabatake.

Director General of Husbandry and Animal Health, Ministry of Agriculture, Syukur Iwantoro, said the meeting discussed about improving cooperation in the farming sector, such as poultry. “The idea to export the commodity was discussed in the meeting. Japan reacted positively and is ready to report to its government,” he said on Friday (1/10).

Syukur said the export of frozen chicken to Japan has been done since 2000 but it was closed due to the epidemic disease attacking poultries in Indonesia. Currently, the country is free from such disease, opening possibilities for exports.

So far, poultry sector is still challenged by expensive animal food price and wide price disparity between prices set by breeders and price for customers. Consequently, farmers do not receive appropriate provit.

He believes if the export commences, the industry will grow, and there will be price stability. “I am sure business climate in this sector will be more conducive if such a potency can be realized,” he said.

Previously, in a seminar entitled Outlook of Poultry Industry held some time ago, Head of Association of National Chicken Breeder, Tri Hardiyanto, said prospect for this industry in 2014 is still bright.

The increase in domestic consumption will occur alongside economic growth; however, export market growth is harder to achieve due to the high prices causing difficulties competing.

The high prices is caused by imported animal food. Otherwise, it can decrease sales price by 30%. “Chicken price can be cheaper by 20-30% if we can reduce expenses on chicken food, particularly on corn. We still import it annually for more than 3 million tons,” he said.

Based on data by the association, production of poultry in 2013 was still dominated by broiler chicken, reaching up 1.48 million tons, followed by free-range chicken at 287,000 tons.

Consumption of chicken in 2013 is predicted to reach 8.08 kg/capita/year. This year, it will reach 9.15 kg/capita/year.

by M. Taufiqur Rahman, Intan Permatasari