Indonesians Unaware of Climate Change

Kamis, 31 Oktober 2013 | 10:05

A new survey has revealed that information on climate change is failing to reach people who are most prone to the environmental changes in Indonesia.BBC Media Action which launched Survey Climate Asia said that the survey, which studied how people deal with effects of climate change, found campaigns related to the global phenomenon did not reach suburban areas in Indonesia and that they failed to inform the public on how to adapt to the changes they were facing.

The survey involved more than 33,500 respondents in Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan and Vietnam.

The report showed that 61 percent of people living in suburban areas in Indonesia did not receive as much information as those who live in rural areas on how to deal with the changes in their environment.

The same number of respondents also said they were not aware that helpful information on dealing with impacts of global warming was available.

According to the study only 15 Percent out of 5,000 respondents stated that they had adapted to and even changed their jobs to respond to environmental changes, but most of them lacked access to information.

Meanwhile, 69 percent of the respondents who live in cities, the campaign’s target demographic, expressed their concern over the extreme weather and the impacts for the future.

Compared to other countries, not many people in Indonesia take action to prepare themselves for extreme weather conditions. Only 19 percent of the respondents said they took note of weather forecasts and only 11 percent were prepared for disaster.

Participants in suburban areas said that they were feeling the impacts of environmental changes, noting that the weather anomaly had made it difficult to determine when to plant crops. Fishermen also complained that the erratic weather changes had made it difficult to catch fish because it became more dangerous at sea.

By Jakarta Globe