SKKNI Certification Obligatory for Exporter SME

Kamis, 10 Oktober 2013 | 09:00

The implementation of National Competency Standard is expected to give direct benefit to the improvement of human resources dealing in exporter SMEs.Prakoso Budi Susetio, Deputy Chair of Human Resources Development, Ministry of Cooperative and SME, said the important target of SKKNI implementation is to search for small and middle entrepreneurs as many as possible.

“Particularly it is for undertaking trade for those already having competency certification. It is given to SMEs through education and training in export,” he said to Bisnis on Wednesday (8/14).

Previously, SKKNI was known as SKKNI in Trade in SME sector for exporter. Based on decision by Minister of Manpower and Transmigration No.KEP.315/MEN/XII/2011, it is changed into SKKNI.

Routinely, Ministry of Cooperation and SME through Deputy Chair of Human Resource Development conducts education and training to give opportunity to SME to obtain SKKNI.

Prakoso said it is to face the implementation of ASEAN Economic Community in 2015. This is a challenge for exporter SME.

One solution considered to be able to anticipate it is by repositioning SME by bringing up the power of internal condition and creating conducive business climate proven to secure national economy.

In this context, the government must get involved particularly to have bigger business opportunities. Hence, exporter SME can be more competitive against foreign competitors.

Other stakeholders who should get involved are academicians and local government. This is to develop capacity to be more competitive in entering ASEAN Economic Community about to begin in the next 16 months.

“It cannot be denied that improvement of SME’s competitiveness particularly in export sector can only be realized through improvement of quality or competency of human resources,” said Prakoso. (msw)
by Mulia Ginting Munthe, Intan Permatasar