Riau Palm Oil Companies Should Get ISPO Certificate By End of 2014

Jumat, 27 September 2013 | 08:33

Head of Riau Plantation Services Zulher MS said in order to meet the standard of crude palm oil (CPO) product in international markets, all palm oil industrial players in Riau province should have obtained Indonesia Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO) certificate by end of 2014. According to him, the palm plantation sector has been the primary industry in economic development of Riau province that involves about 980,605 breadwinners (KK) of farmers.

If 1 KK consists of 4 persons, then there are about 3.9 million people rely on their life to palm plantation. The amount covers 70% of 5.5 million residents in Riau Province.

“If it is continuously exposed by negative issues that make the decline in price, then the economy of Riau people will be in crisis,” he said in a seminar of Indonesian Palm Oil Association (Gapki) Riau entitled Challenges to Sustainable Palm Oil, Wednesday (9/26).

Riau consists of a 2,258,553 Ha palm plantation or 26.25% from the total area of 8 million Ha national palm plantation.

From total area of palm plantation in Riau, 53% or 1,205,498 Ha are owned by the society, 43% or 905,979 Ha belong to private sector, and the remains 4% or about 79,545 Ha are in the property of state-owned company.

The Head also said Indonesian palm oil has become the leading alternative to many countries including China, India, Pakistan, as well as in East Asia. Despite the fact, there are also countries which take the product as a contender, such as the European Union and US.

The high intensity of black campaign performed by several foreign people’s self-improvement leagues (LSM) should be taken as a challenge since the development of a sustainable palm oil industry becomes a necessity instead of a choice.

 “For that, there were three companies have obtained their ISPO certificates in 2013 with the target for all companies in 2014,” he said.

Meanwhile, Gapki Riau is committed to meet the international standard for crude palm oil product so that it can compete with similar products from other countries.

Gapki Riau Chairman Wisnu O. Suharto said all palm oil companies in Riau are committed to fulfill all terms contained in ISPO, to create a sustainable palm oil product.

“Therefore, all palm oil companies in Riau have already made their steps toward ISPO so that CPO products can be put in the global competition,” he said. In addition, Gapki Riau has also owned the guidance to a green CPO so that there will be no motivation [from other sides] to do black campaign against CPO product. (t11/k18/aph)

by JIBI, Renat Sofie Andriani
source http://en.bisnis.com/