Batik Industry in Pacitan Grows to 12 Production Centers

Kamis, 26 September 2013 | 09:04

Small batik industry in Pacitan, East Java, has developed to 12 production centers over last the last few years, following big business opportunities through modern motive batik creation Meanwhile, batik artisans in the district posted turnover reached IDR10 billion from IDR8.1 billion in 2012 with marketing areas in Java and Bali.

Head of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises at Cooperatives, Industry and Trade Agency (Diskoperindag) in Pacitan District Susanto said the artisans has made batik since decades ago and is growing as huge popularity of batik.


He also explained Diskoperindag has conducted batik technical training (both dyeing and creating new motifs) as well as facilitate batik exhibition in major cities such as Surabaya and Jakarta. Those are intended to increase marketing access.


“A number or batik artisans in the district continues to grow and created 12 production centers in various districts. In 2011 the industry absorbed 366 workers, this year is estimated to increase,” he said, Wednesday (9/25).


Based on Pacitan Diskoperindag data, batik turnover in the district in 2011 reached IDR8.1 billion with sales of 28,400 pieces of batik cloth. While last year turnover haven’t recorded, but it’s estimated continues to grow reaching IDR10 billion.


Pacitan batik selling prices in range of IDR125,000-IDR1,3 million per piece, the marketing areas including Surabaya, Jakarta, Bali and Pacitan. (tw)
by JIBI, Elok Ani Rian